I was once again interrogated by the keepers of Paradise, who were completely dressed for some reason.

He looked distinctly suspicious of me, however, probably wondering why a young man would want to visit a location filled with retirees, remarking at one point, "You know, there aren't many single women here . . ."
I figured too many guys my age were looking for the Playboy Mansion, a area full of giggling girls with bouncing boobs, and after taking the tour and seeing none of that, would certainly be high tailing it out of there. But for me, roaming around as God intended-along the pavements, to the crappy restaurant, as well as to the crappy gymnasium-was exhilarating. It was as if I Had stepped into another world where body taboos did not exist.
I could be naked wherever and whenever I pleased and nobody cared! My old classmates would not believe it!
The primary hangout included an astounding pool with a number of smaller pools and jacuzzis. But most of the folks appeared too old to appreciate the facilities, and it made me a bit sad, not because I did not like old folks (I do!) but because I could not comprehend why virtually nobody my age could recognize nudism.
Was nudism "out of fashion" as my sister proposed? How could that be? Who could prefer clothing if they were free to be without? Ever since I was born, I Had felt like an outsider, and here again I was made to feel like the outsider. Within my dreams the resort was divided in two: on one side there were school age students splashing around, all in bathing suits, and on the other, nude bodies deformed by age.
Where were the younger nudists?
Outsider or no, I adored the area enough to buy a yearly membership, and came to find a essential part of naturism: volleyball. As any accurate naturist will tell you, volleyball is a must! And the best part is, playing against folks three times my age, I was not too awful! That was until I met a twelve year old girl named Britney.
Clothed or not, I would never trust my daughter with some twenty year old stranger, but I suppose her parents could see an innocence in me. Britney thrashed me at every sport you can think of. Nude Volleyball. Ping Pong. Shuffleboard. Hide & Seek. The outcome was embarrassing. Britney was born at the resort, and I was happy to have met her.
She was smart and well-adjusted, and of course fit, and unlike my "Brady Bunch" family revealed no signs of neurosis, despite her naturist upbringing. But her trouble was the same as mine. There were just too few people her age. I later attempted beginning a Nudist Club at USF, hanging fliers around campus and making a website, but nobody responded.
When summer rolled around, I found that, just like at the Greek beaches, the naturist bird was migratory. Younger people flocked in droves from throughout the state, and a few from outside the country. Even on the islands, I'd never seen this type of parade of body types, and it made me understand how impoverished our society's definitions were. Beauty, I could see, came in all shapes and sizes. I met folks my age and even-despite what General Lee told me-a girl my age.
Nicole came to spend the week with her sister and husband, which looked a bit unusual, since Paradise Lakes was advertised as an intimate getaway. If not for me, she would experienced no one her age to talk to. Unexpectedly, she'd never been to a naturist venue before and yet couldn't have appeared more comfortable in her skin. We did everything together-even canoeing in a alligator-infested lake-then hesitantly put our clothes on for dinner and a film, that was curiously opposite the standard, understanding how we seemed naked but not dressed!
Naturally, I found her much more amazing with nothing on. When we returned from There's Something About Mary, we're able ton't wait to take our clothes off so we could go back to her room and . . . play Scrabble. Yes. That's all we did. Did sex cross http://mon-blog-gay.net/index.php/2016/04/07/i-was-18-and-playing-pool-or-billiards-naked-with-a-naked-20-year-old-girl/ ? I believe so. But neither one of us needed a meaningless fling. Regrettably, she went back to New Jersey each day and I never saw her again.
Those early college days were some of my happiest. I recall spending time at Paradise between classes, and once came late to Ancient History, my clothes sticking to my still-wet body; which is ironic, considering how I used to come wet and late to class for not becoming naked. But having a key continued to gnaw at me. I knew that to be completely free, everyone needed to know, including click .

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